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Top Reasons You NEED to Implement Email Marketing

Here are some of the top reasons that you can’t afford “not” to implement email marketing:

1. Email Marketing is More Personal.

The first and most important consideration is simply that email marketing is much more personal as compared with other forms of marketing. When you send someone a message via email, you are messaging them in their inbox and that means your messages are going to be placed right alongside messages from their friends and family, as well as all the other things that they signed up for.

All of a sudden, the way that your messages are parsed and interpreted changes. Suddenly, this is in a folder filled with correspondence that demands attention and your email message will take on that same importance as a result.

As a marketer, it’s your job to take advantage of this too – by making sure that your content is written in a way that feels personal and direct – this will have a much better impact on readers and make them much more likely to sit up and take notice of what you’re saying. People like getting messages from people – not companies.

2. Email Marketing is Immediate.

With email marketing, you have complete control over your message and that even includes the timing with which your message is sent.

On Facebook or Twitter, you will write a message and then hope that your followers see it at some point in the near future. However, with email marketing, we’ve already discussed that your recipients will get a buzz in their pocket as soon as the new message comes through. Even if they have several messages that they haven’t read (meaning that they won’t get notified for each new message), they’ll still tend to check their messages to dismiss those unread contacts at several times throughout a day.

That now means that you can time when your message gets seen and therefore you have some control over what mood the recipients are in when they get your message and how they are likely to respond.

This is crucial because – as with comedy – timing is everything when it comes to marketing. If you can send a message at the right time, then you can take advantage of current events, or of the fact that your subscribers are likely to be tired and thus more impulsive. You just don’t get this kind of control with any other form of marketing.

We’ll educate you more in future posts about how you can utilize timing in your email marketing.

3. Email Marketing Requires Permission.

This is actually a very important aspect of email marketing and it’s one that makes every message much more effective and impactful.

The simple fact is that in order to send a marketing email to someone, you first need their express permission. And that permission requires them to actually give you their email address and contact details. This isn’t as easy as clicking ‘like’ and it’s not something they can possibly do by accident.

At first, you might think that this would be a negative thing. After all, it means that you’re going to have a much shorter mailing list and your subscribers might be less inclined to sign up.

But that is actually a positive thing. A big positive. Why? Because it means that the quality of your contacts is much higher. In marketing, quality trumps quantity every time and by a large margin at that.

If your recipients actually want to be there and if they’re interested in signing up, then that means they’ll actually read your messages and it means they’ll be much more likely to click ‘buy’ or to pass the message on to friends.

And the very act of giving you their email address also increases that trust. When someone gives you their email and invites you to message them, they are showing that they trust you not to abuse that power and that they value your ideas enough to give up some of their privacy. This way, they become ‘members’ of your movement.

Again, we’ll look at how you can ensure your contacts are 100% valuable and the right fit for your list in future posts.

4. Email Marketing Allows Smart Use of Data.

Something that a lot of blogs and influencers don’t touch on is just how much data you get when you use email marketing, or how flexible you can use that data. With email marketing, you’ll be able to sort your contacts into categories, so that you can choose to target only the right kind of recipient with your messages. That might mean that you send messages only to people of a certain age, a certain gender or in a certain location – and this can drastically increase your conversion rates.

What’s more though, is that email marketing allows you to monitor engagement. You can use cookies in order to see which of your subscribers are actually reading the messages you’re sending and which aren’t. You can also see which of your subscribers are visiting your site and even whether or not some of them might have looked at your products.

All this means you can see which leads are cool, warm and ‘hot’ and in turn, that means you’ll be able to try and convert only the right recipients that are likely to be tempted and not likely to be frustrated at your contact.

On top of that, seeing this kind of information can help you to design better campaigns – by seeing which types of message get opened the most and which types of recipients are more receptive to your message (so that you can try and get more like them).

In short, email marketing gives you control over numerous very important metrics which allows you to target precisely the right people at precisely the right times.

When you combine all these different factors, you have a method of marketing that is simply unparalleled. Many marketers and business owners will put it off as it seems like a lot of work but in reality, once it is set up and you understand how it works, it couldn’t be simpler. And the payoff is enormous. Email marketing absolutely MUST be a part of your marketing strategy.

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