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Tools for Measuring the Success of Your Sales Funnel

There are several different tools on the market that can help you gauge the success of your sales funnel efforts. We will provide a brief overview of a few of the more popular ones:

Google Analytics is a terrific way to examine how well your web store is working. Once you have built-in Analytics together with your store pages, you are able to access an enormous selection of helpful reports. This also enables you to set-up a sales funnel and see just how many individuals are deferring at every step of your funnel. That ought to alert you to which areas of the funnel process you need to improve.

Say that, for each 1, 000 people who visit your product page:

100 add the merchandise for their cart

80 of these people go to the checkout

40 of these people complete the checkout form

33 of these people confirm their order

Out of this example, it's clear that many shoppers (fifty percent) are leaving the purchasing procedure when they are asked to fill out the check-out form. This could imply that there's something about the form that's off-putting to people.

StatCounter is also a web tracking service that enables you to access up-to-date statistics about web visitors throughout several sites.

Just like a standard web-stat tool, you'll have the ability to see the details of your unique site visitors, visitors that return, page loadings, and 1st time site visitors. You can observe the information presented daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually as well as choose specific date ranges.

Over-all, Statcounter is a good tool while offering all you need to help make the necessary changes to your website. is a spreadsheet with special features that allows you (among other things) to track company objectives and operations and manage projects and deliverables by teams and individuals. This is a comprehensive solution for strategy analysis.

The sales funnel estimator at allows you to approximate your market profitability and calculate precisely what quantity of purchases you can expect from a sales funnel and what quantity of prospects you require at the top of your funnel to reach your targets.

ClickBank Analytics provides you with the capability to interactively set-up trend charts based on different topics over customized time ranges. Data and chart tables are supplied to help you witness sales trends along with the information that supports everything in a single glance. Also, the charts could be manipulated in various ways, letting you begin to see the trends you'll need to handle your company.

It's well worth taking the time to acquire and familiarize yourself with these tools because they can highlight vital areas for improvement in your campaigns that you would be unable to identify in any other way.

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