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Reputation Management

StruMedia has the ability to improve the online footprint of hundreds of brands. As online reputation managers we specialize in SMB and enterprise-level companies by monitoring, improving, and cleaning up how they’re seen online. StruMedia is becoming a trusted leader in business reputation management.

Fixing your online reputation can make an enormous difference in the quality and quantity of opportunities that come your way. The consequences are often huge for brands – in many cases a business can experience a 22% drop in business from a single negative search result on the first page (whether the information is true or not).

Real reputation repair requires a strategic and thoughtful combination of a few key techniques, and the specific mix is determined by an analysis of your brand’s (individual or corporate) search results and reviews.

The key techniques include:

  • Remove negative content at the source

  • Remove negative content from search results

  • Add positive content to your online presence

  • Change search results to balance online sentiment

  • Push bad results down in Google

  • Improve Google business reviews and complaints

  • Improve Yelp and other online reviews

The actual costs of online reputation repair are hard to pin down without really digging into the specific problem, because issues that need to be corrected can vary considerably from case to case.

Consider StruMedia as a partner in your reputation improvement. We don’t partner with just anyone with this service, sometimes improving your reputation takes simple common sense and hindsight can be of value.

We recommend you research Branding Strategy, Creative Consultancy and Market Research in helping you with this undertaking.

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