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Radio Production

Believe it or not, this medium is still around as a standard in getting your message out. StruMedia has the experience, creative juices and know-how to produce and get your content syndicated with the major players in your neighborhood or region.

Every day, consumers are exposed to hundreds of different messages on the radio, television and even online.  StruMedia provides the best in audio and radio production services for online, local and national media placement. Creating spots that are targeted to consumers in your community (AND that will communicate your brand message or specific offer) is our top priority.

If you are supplying your own script, we can deliver voicing and production within two days. We can also accommodate ‘same day’ voicing and radio production for clients who request it, as is the case with many of our automotive clients.

As a full service radio production company, StruMedia has a roster of voice talents available to effectively deliver your approved radio script. We prefer to select the talent for you and will often have them voice a short demo in advance for you to hear. This will confirm that you like the voice representing your business.

StruMedia is easily accessible via email or phone and you will find our response ‘quick and thorough’.  As a company, we are used to clients corresponding with us via email on the entire creative process. That said, we are not opposed to discussing things on the phone, especially in the initial creative consult.

To learn how to fuel this type of campaign, we suggest you research Audio Production, Branding Strategy and Content Strategy.

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