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How to Get More Online Reviews and Use Them

Online Reviews are an exceptional selling tool. They tell potential buyers that you're trustworthy. They tell potential buyers that your product or service fulfills its promise. Online Reviews tell potential customers that you have credibility. And they tell potential customers what they want to hear and that you really can solve their problems.

Online Reviews are an effective buying trigger because they offer information about your product or service that you just can't offer yourself. It's like a personal recommendation, and it's worth the effort to get quality reviews and to use them.

How Do You Get More?

It's quite simple, actually. You ask for them.

Most people are afraid to ask for reviews. They feel it's pushy or they fear being rejected. The truth is, most customers are happy to give them; they just don't think about offering. Think about when you have a good or bad experience with a company. If you have a bad experience, you want to shout it from the rooftops. You write reviews; you tell your friends and associates. Maybe you even write a complaint to the company.

When you have a good experience, you say thank you. Generally, we don't talk as much about the good news as we do about the bad news. However, if someone asks us, we'll go on for hours about our positive experiences.

So in order to get more reviews, you have to ask. You'll of course ask all of your happy customers. However, consider also asking experts in your industry to provide a review. Send them a free product or offer a service, then collect the review. It'll have more power because it's coming from someone people like and respect. Can you imagine what a ringing endorsement it would be if Martha Stewart wrote a review for your home organization business?

Be Prepared.

Many people just don't know what to say, so consider being prepared with a pre-written review. If they agree that they stand behind the information, they just need to provide a signature and a link. You can then post the testimonial and consider it valid.

Position Your Reviews Well.

There are some key places to position your testimonials. One such location is on your sales page. The testimonials will serve to support a prospect's buying decision. You can also use them in your newsletter and in email communications. Consider also creating a separate page on your website with testimonials. Place the strongest and most compelling testimonials prominently where they're sure to be read.

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