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Google+: The Benefits to Your Brand

Google joined the ranks of the top social networking sites when they released Google+ in 2011.  For almost 4 years to this day, this simple, and free, tool allows you to connect with your audience, share information, and even stream online content. Like other social networking sites, it can be used to brand your business. However, Google+ may offer some benefits to your brand that you just can't find anywhere else. This social media platform still has lots to offer when it comes to growing your online presence. Here are just a few features that we have found to be of great use:

Create a Hangout

Google Hangouts is a free service that allows you to have conversations with up to ten people. You can also live stream recorded content to thousands of people. Google Hangouts makes it easy to handle small group conversations or large scale content initiatives. There are video chat features which means you can see who youíre talking to and vice versa.

It helps you strengthen your brand personality and voice. This can be particularly powerful for small business owners who have direct contact with their clients and prospects. Face-to-face conversations build relationships.

Create Circles

One of the features of Google+ is that it allows you to create circles. These circles are essentially segmented groups of people. For example, you might create a circle for your prospects, and another circle for your customers. You can create a circle for friends and family as well. In fact, you can create as many circles as you want.

People cannot see which circle you place them in so privacy isnít a concern. This circle concept allows you to share content with segmented audiences. You can send one message to prospects and another to customers. Segmentation gives you the power to create branded messages that appeal directly to your audience.

Create a Scrapbook

Google+ has a feature called Scrapbook Photos. As you may know, visual elements are powerful branding tools. This feature lets you add photos at the top of your Google+ profile. You can add infographics, photos from events, and even photos from products or company services. Itís also a good idea to keep your profile page fresh by updating your photos on a regular basis.

Finally, Google+ is a social media tool that you can integrate with your other social networking efforts. You can also use it to create events and upload video and other content forms. Use content to build your brand and to reach targeted groups of people. Link to your website and share visuals to help add personality to your profile and build relationships with your followers.

For more information about social media, contact StruMedia today. We will gladly tell you all about how the landscape of social media can help grow your business. We also have something you can download here to get ideas and help you get started.

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