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Borrow what you need, when you need it, and pay it back according to your own schedule.


Make multiple draws (up to your credit limit) and only pay interest on what you borrow each time.

No Surprises

Upfront rates and no hidden fees mean you’ll always know what you’ll owe.

Types of Loans


StruMedia is neither a lender nor a broker. All financing is provided by 3rd party lending institutions under the terms and conditions of each lender. All applications are subject to approval through credit, income and residency verification. All advertised finance terms, rates and payments are subject change without notice. Advertised terms are solely to be used as estimating tools, actual terms will be disclosed at time of approval. Not all applications will be approved for all programs. StruMedia does not assist with counsel or negotiate financing other than submitting credit applications on behalf of our customers to the lender. Approved applications become customers of the lender and will make payments directly to lender. Lender has final say to approve or decline of an application based on fair lending guidelines.

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For FAST FUNDING attach 4 to 12 Months of Business Checking Account Bank Statements, Drivers License and a Voided Check. Keep in mind additional documents may be requested. The faster you follow up, the faster the funding.

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