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Content Strategy

StruMedia offers a full range of content and user experience services, whether you're in the initial strategy phase, enhancing an existing site, or implementing a content management system.

There are many definitions of content strategy, but the simplest, most straightforward is this: Making the right content available when, where and how a user needs it.

Our proven process begins with a thorough analysis of content and business and user goals, followed by development of a plan that follows through to publication and beyond. The result is content that enhances the user experience of your site, ensures that content is on-brand and targeted to your audience, achieves goals, and is well organized and managed.

Content strategy encompasses:

  • Content development or acquisition

  • Content management

  • Organization

  • Publication

  • Targeting

  • Discoverability

  • Content quality

StruMedia’s strategists, taxonomists, and copywriters have years of experience delivering successful content strategies. To help fuel and make your content strategy more effective, we suggest you look into Video Production, Email Marketing and Social Media and see how these tools help deliver your message.

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